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Welcome to the Ontario Power Generation Document Archive. The purpose of this repository is to provide public access to historical document collections through their required retention period. These collections are static and this archive is targeted for decommissioning by 2022. Accessible versions of any documents in this archive are available by request to

Deep Geologic Repository Documents/Historical Project Documents

DGR Open House Report 2010 (PDF)
DGR "Keeping You Informed" Booklet - 2010 (PDF)
DGR Preliminary Design Report (PDF)
DGR Preliminary Design Report - Drawings - Part 1 (PDF)
DGR Preliminary Design Report - Drawings - Part 2 (PDF)
​DGR Annual Report 2009 (PDF)
DGR Open House Report 2009 (PDF)
DGR Version 1 Preclosure Safety Assessment Report - 2009 (PDF)
2D Seismic Survey of the Bruce Site - 2009 (PDF)
DGR Version 1 Postclosure Safety Assessment Reports - 2009 (PDF)
Analysis of the Normal Evolution Scenario (PDF)
Analysis of Human Intrusion and Other Disruptive Scenarios (PDF)
System and Its Evolution (PDF)
Features, Events and Processes (PDF)
Groundwater Modelling (PDF)
Gas Modelling Data (PDF)
DGR "Keeping You Informed" Booklet - 2009 (PDF)
Ontario Power Generation’s Proposed L&ILW Deep Geologic Repository: An Overview of Geoscientific Studies. (PDF)
Regional and site geological frameworks – proposed Deep Geologic Repository, Bruce County, Ontario. (PDF)
Hydraulic testing to characterize low permeability sedimentary formations - proposed Deep Geologic Repository, Tiverton, Ontario. (PDF)
Diffusive anisotropy in low-permeability Ordovician sedimentary rocks from the Michigan basin in southwest Ontario. (PDF)
Hydrogeologic Modelling in Support of a Proposed Deep Geologic Repository in Canada for Low and Intermediate Level Radioactive Waste. (PDF)
Overview of Ontario Power Generation’s Proposed L&ILW Deep Geologic Repository Bruce Site, Tiverton, Ontario.  (PDF)
DGR Annual Report 2008 (PDF)
DGR Open House Report 2008 (PDF)
Reference Low and Intermediate Waste Inventory for the DGR - 2008 (PDF)
Geomechanical Modelling Report - 2008 (PDF)
Conceptual Design Report - 2008 (PDF)
Geosynthesis Report (PDF)
Hydrogeologic Modelling (PDF)
Long Term Climate Change Study (PDF)
Long-Term Cavern Stability (PDF)
Regional Geology, Southern Ontario (PDF)
Regional Geomechanics, Southern Ontario (PDF)
Regional Hydrogeochemistry Southern Ontario (PDF)
DGR Phase 2 Geoscientific Characterization Plan - 2008 (PDF)
Proposed Deep Geologic Repository for Low and Intermediate-level Radioactive Waste at the Bruce Site, Tiverton, Ontario - International Technical Conference on the Practical Aspects of Deep Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste ESDRED 16-18 June 2008, R.J. Heystee (PDF)
Overview of Ontario Power Generation's Proposed Deep Geologic Repository for Low & Intermediate Level Waste at the Bruce Site, Ontario, Canada, Waste Management WM2008 Conference, February 24-28, 2008, Phoenix, AZ P. Gierszewski (PDF)
​DGR Annual Report 2007 (PDF)
DGR Open House Report 2007 (PDF)
Geoscientific Site Characterization Plan, Intera Engineering Ltd - 2007 (PDF)
Overview of Ontario Power Generation’s Proposed L&ILW Deep Geologic. Repository Bruce Site, Tiverton, Ontario (PDF)
Geoscientific Site Characterization Plan for the Deep Geologic Repository at the Bruce Site, Kincardine, Ontario (PDF)
Characterizing the Geomechanics Properties of the Sedimentary Rocks for the DGR Excavations (PDF)
Hydraulic Testing of Paleozoic and Precambrian Strata at the Bruce Site, Tiverton, Ontario, Canada  (PDF)
X-Ray Radiography: A new technique for measuring diffusion coefficients in rock samples  (PDF)
Hydrogeologic Modelling in Support of OPG’s Proposed Deep Geologic Repository, Tiverton, Ontario (PDF)
Developing a Safety Case for Ontario Power Generation's L&ILW Deep Geologic Repository, NEA/EC/IAEA Symposium on Safety Cases for the Deep Disposal of Radioactive Waste,  23-25 January 2007, Paris, France T. Kempe, P. Gierszewski, R. Heystee, M. Jensen and H. Leung (PDF)
Geoscientific Site Characterization Plan - April 2006 (PDF)
​DGR Project Description - 2005 (PDF)
DGR Polling Results - 2005 (PDF)
​Independent Assessment Study - 2004 (PDF)
Western Waste Management Facility - Independent Economic and Social Analysis - 2004 (PDF)
Hosting Agreement with the Municipality - 2004 (PDF)
LLW Geotechnical Feasibility Study - 2003 (PDF)
Preliminary Safety Assessment of Concepts - 2003 (PDF)