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Welcome to the Ontario Power Generation Document Archive. The purpose of this repository is to provide public access to historical document collections through their required retention period. These collections are static and this archive is targeted for decommissioning by 2023. Accessible versions of any documents in this archive are available by request to

Media Releases

20181220 OPG looks forward to securing new collective agreement with PWU (PDF)
20181219 Stay clear and stay safe this holiday season (PDF)
20181214 Ontario Power Generation receives strike notice from Power Workers’ Union (PDF)
20181213 Power Workers' Union fails to ratify final offer (PDF)
20181128 OPG finalizes acquisition of Eagle Creek (PDF)
20181121 OPG sells Hearn site to Studios of America (PDF)
20181109 OPG's nuclear stations achieve highest safety ratings (PDF)
20181005 Hydropower stations are not recreational areas (PDF)
20181002 Celebrating 10 years of strong partnership (PDF)
20180831 Be mindful of water safety this Labour Day weekend (PDF)
20180824 Sixty years of harnassing clean, renewable hydropower (PDF)
20180814 OPG recognizes two exceptional Indigenous students (PDF)
20180809 OPG signs agreement to acquire Eagle Creek - U.S. based hydropower stations (PDF)
20180808 OPG's Pickering Nuclear to operate until 2024 (PDF)
20180803 Stay clear, stay safe this long weekend (PDF)
20180727 OPG and Bruce Power working together to deliver low cost electricity (PDF)
20180628 Avoid dams and hydro stations this Canada Day weekend (PDF)
20180622 OPG raises $450 million in green financing for hydroelectric projects (PDF)
20180621 Keeping Pickering Nuclear open saves $600 million (PDF)
20180620 Darlington to become new source of life-saving medical isotopes (PDF)
20180608 OPG named to Corporate Knights ranking of top 50 Corporate Citizens in Canada (PDF)
20180517 High and fast flowing water this Victoria Day weekend (PDF)
20180404 Hearing begins for OPG's Pickering Nuclear Station (PDF)
20180328 Stay clear, stay safe this Easter weekend (PDF)
20180320 OPG to develop renewable energy microgrid at Gull Bay FN (PDF)
20180320 OPG sells Lakeview lands (PDF)
20180228 Nanticoke GS stacks safely demolished (PDF)
20180216 On Family Day weekend, stay clear of ice near dams (PDF)
20180118 OPG raises $500M in green financing for hydroelectric acquisition (PDF)
20171229 Ontario Energy Board issues decision on OPG rate application (PDF)
20171220 Please stay clear from rivers and dams this holiday season (PDF)
20171208 Successful Emergency Preparedness exercise complete (PDF)
20171205 Emergency preparedness exercise begins tomorrow at our Pickering Nuclear Generating Station (PDF)
20171127 Next major phase of the Darlington Refurbishment begins (PDF)
20171121 Financial Accountability Office report says refurbishing Ontario's nuclear stations is green and cost-effective (PDF)
20171114 Emergency preparedness exercise at Pickering Nuclear on Dec. 6 and 7 (PDF)
20171018 OPG Ranney Falls Generating Station refurbishment (PDF)
20171006 This Thanksgiving weekend, stay away from dams and hydro stations (PDF)
20170901 Stay clear, stay safe this Labour Day weekend (PDF)
20170901 OPG investing in Pickering Nuclear Unit 1 (PDF)
20170831 Darlington Refurbishment remains on time and on budget (PDF)
20170824 OPG celebrates opening of Peter Sutherland Sr. Generating Station (PDF)
20170821 OPG recognizes two exceptional Indigenous students (PDF)
20170816 OPG's nuclear stations awarded highest safety ratings (PDF)
20170804 Stay clear, stay safe this long weekend (PDF)
20170728 Calabogie Generating Station celebrates 100 years of service (PDF)
20170630 Stay Clear, Stay Safe This Canada Day 150 Weekend (PDF)
20170606 Lakeview lands in Mississauga for sale (PDF)
20170529 OPG answers questions on Deep Geologic Repository (PDF)
20170524 International team of experts report a strong safety culture at Pickering Nuclear (PDF)
20170519 Stay clear and stay safe this Victoria Day weekend (PDF)
20170503 High water levels across much of Ontario (PDF)
20170413 OPG's Darlington Refurbishment reaches significant milestone (PDF)
20170412 Stay clear, stay safe this Easter weekend (PDF)
20170407 Ontario's newest clean energy source in service (PDF)
20170323 OPG investing 141.7 million into Darlington Nuclear Unit 1 (PDF)
20170309 Don't take a holiday from safety this March Break (PDF)
20170301 OPG has entered into a venture to provide power for deep space exploration (PDF)
20170217 Stay clear, stay safe this family day weekend (PDF)
20170210 Pickering station maintenance will ensure future low cost power (PDF)
20170209 Niagara Reservoir Refurbishment completed ahead of schedule and under budget (PDF)
20170116 Moving forward with Nanticoke Solar (PDF)
20170113 OPG replaces 86-year-old transformers (PDF)
20170109 KingSett Canadian Real Estate Income Fund LP agrees to purchase OPG head office property (PDF)
20170103 OPG submits further studies into Deep Geologic Repository (PDF)
20161221 Stay clear and stay safe this festive holiday season (PDF)
20161124 OPG speaks about the future of Nuclear Power (PDF)
20161122 OPG to decommission Lambton Generating Station (PDF)
20161117 OPG is proud to sponsor once again the Winter Festival of Lights in Niagara Falls (PDF)
20161111 Working Together to Deliver the Future of Nuclear in Ontario (PDF)
20161109 Hatch recognized for engineering excellence on OPG's Lower Mattagami Project (PDF)
20161107 Bruce Power and OPG collaborate to ensure a steady supply of Colbat-60 (PDF)
20161028 Cameco to support Darlington Refurbishment Project (PDF)
20161020 Smoky Falls/Kâpâškilehtehk GS Receives LEED Gold Certification (PDF)
20161014 Refurbishment and operation of Darlington will create $89.9 billion in economic benefits (PDF)
20161014 OPG starts work on Canada's largest clean energy project (PDF)
20161007 Stay clear, stay safe this Thanksgiving weekend (PDF)
20161007 OPG completes project financing for Lower Mattagami River Project (PDF)
20161005 Refurbishing Darlington will take the equivalent of two million cars off the road (PDF)
20160926 OPG's clean electricity is helping tackle climate change (PDF)
20160919 International nuclear experts arrive at Pickering Nuclear (PDF)
20160916 OPG's northwest plants keep lights on during hot summer (PDF)
20160901 Please stay clear and stay safe this Labour Day weekend (PDF)
20160901 OPG ready to deliver Canada's largest clean power project (PDF)
20160818 Pickering Nuclear achieves best ever safety performance (PDF)
20160816 OPG salutes the 2016 recipients of the John Wesley Beaver Awards, Stephanie Seymour and Shadrak Gobert (PDF)
20160729 Hydroelectric dams and stations are not recreational places (PDF)
20160713 Darlington Nuclear hosts world university tour (PDF)
20160629 Stay safe this Canada Day weekend (PDF)
20160623 Darlington Nuclear rated among the world's best (PDF)
20160616 OPG Reminds You to Make Water Safety a Priority this Summer (PDF)
20160603 OPG President brings clean air message to Canadian Senate (PDF)
20160603 OPG investing $60 million to refurbish the Niagara reservoir (PDF)
20160520 Please stay clear, stay safe of hydro stations and dams this Victoria Day long weekend (PDF)
20160518 OPG invests in clean energy at South Falls Generating Station (PDF)
20160510 OPG renews partnership with Durham College and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (PDF)
20160505 OPG and Friends of the Earth launch province-wide bee protection campaign (PDF)
20160415 OPG Commits to Completing Further DGR Studies (PDF)
20160414 OPG statement on Darlington Nuclear Refurb unanimous decision by Federal Court of Appeal (PDF)
20160414 Ontario Power Generation Inc. reports Hydro One share ownership persuant to OSC Rule 62-504 (PDF)
20160412 OPG is investing $122 million into Darlington Nuclear Unit 4 (PDF)
20160324 Please stay clear, stay safe over Easter weekend (PDF)
20160315 Ice booms being removed on St. Lawrence and Niagara Rivers (PDF)
20160311 Please stay clear of dangerous waterways over March Break (PDF)
20160311 OPG to expand its renewable generation (PDF)
20160303 OPG investing $75 million into Pickering Nuclear Unit 8 (PDF)
20160212 Please stay clear of thin ice this Family Day Weekend (PDF)
20160204 OPG hydroelectric facilities win performance awards (PDF)
20160111 OPG ready to deliver refurbishment of Darlington Nuclear station (PDF)
20151223 CNSC gives Darlington Nuclear a ten year operating licence (PDF)
20151222 Make safety a priority this holiday season (PDF)
20151215 Significant rainfall will result in increased water levels along the Ottawa River (PDF)
20151130 Looking back on a year of transformation to Ontario's largest clean power generator (PDF)
20151127 OPG statement on Deep Geologic Repository (PDF)
20151106 OPG installing ice booms in sections of the St. Lawrence river (PDF)
20151104 OPG to host trades fair to showcase skilled trades opportunities for Aboriginal youth (PDF)
20151104 Darlington Nuclear Vacuum Building Outage successfully completed (PDF)
20151027 Ontario braces for storm - Stay Clear Stay Safe (PDF)
20151015 Significant rainfall will result in increased water levels along the Ottawa River (PDF)
20151008 This Thanksgiving Weekend, Stay Clear Stay Safe (PDF)
20150925 OPG recognized with silver certification for Aboriginal relations (PDF)
20150914 OPG kicks off new public awareness campaign called Powering the Future (PDF)
20150913 Bring Back the Wild with Earth Rangers in Cornwall on Sept. 19 (PDF)
20150903 OPG reminds everyone to keep water safety a top priority this Labour Day weekend (PDF)
20150827 Peter Sutherland Sr. Generating Station project underway (PDF)
20150820 Darlington Nuclear achieves top rating in CNSC 2014 Integrated Safety Assessment (PDF)
20150818 OPG congratulates 2015 John Wesley Beaver Award winners (PDF)
20150730 Stay Clear, Stay Safe this Civic Holiday (PDF)
20150722 OPG Board appoints new OPG president and CEO (PDF)
20150717 OPG's St. Lawrence Power Development Visitor Centre goes batty (PDF)
20150715 OPG to continue preservation of Lambton site while Nanticoke site to close (PDF)
20150710 Fish and Eels workshop comes to Visitor Centre in Cornwall July 11 (PDF)
20150708 OPG salutes the 2015 Climate Summit of the Americas (PDF)
20150707 Annual Tuesdays on the Trail Program launches in Durham region (PDF)
20150702 Eugenia generating station celebrates 100 years with open house on July 4 (PDF)
20150629 Stay Clear, Stay Safe this Canada Day (PDF)
20150601 OPG launches summer water safety campaign: The Power of Water (PDF)
20150528 Power Workers' Union ratifies OPG contract (PDF)
20150514 Please Stay Clear, Stay Safe this Victoria Day weekend (PDF)
20150506 OPG remains committed to responsible, long-term storage of nuclear waste (PDF)
20150430 OPG signs memorandum of understanding with Korean Hydro Nuclear Power (PDF)
20150423 Filming of new water safety PSA taking place in Gravenhurst (PDF)
20150402 OPG reminds everyone to Stay Clear, Stay Safe this Easter (PDF)
20150313 OPG joins nuclear trade mission (PDF)
20150311 Stay Clear and Stay Safe this March Break (PDF)
20150215 Reminding parents to Stay Clear, Stay Safe this Family Day weekend (PDF)
20150209 Thunder Bay GS now fuelled by renewable, advanced biomass (PDF)
20150205 OPG starts executive transition plan (PDF)
20150120 Significant milestone at Pickering Nuclear (PDF)
20150119 Lower Mattagami hydro project completed ahead of schedule and on budget (PDF)
20141217 OPG reminds you to Stay Clear, Stay Safe this holiday season (PDF)
20141212 OPG and Gull Bay First Nation celebrate new relationship (PDF)
20141111 OPG's world-class nuclear refurbishment training facility welcomed 3,500 visitors (PDF)
20141030 Energy Minister Bob Chiarelli opens Darlington Energy Complex (PDF)
20141015 Lower Mattagami Project one step closer to completion (PDF)
20141009 Stay Clear, Stay Safe this Thanksgiving weekend (PDF)
20140910 Atikokan generating station is now operating on biomass (PDF)
20140909 Heavy rain forecast in northeast Ontario (PDF)
20140828 Be mindful of water safety this Labour Day weekend (PDF)
20140821 CNSC annual assessment shows OPG's nuclear plants operate safely (PDF)
20140801 Stay Clear, Stay Safe this holiday long weekend (PDF)
20140725 St. Lawrence Power Development Visitor Centre features Salli Benedict baskets (PDF)