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Welcome to the Ontario Power Generation Document Archive. The purpose of this repository is to provide public access to historical document collections through their required retention period. These collections are static and this archive is targeted for decommissioning by 2022. Accessible versions of any documents in this archive are available by request to

Application for an Order Approving the Disposition of the Balances in certain Deferral and Variance Accounts and Approving the Adoption of USGAAP (EB-2012-0002).

On Sept. 24, 2012, OPG applied to the Ontario Energy Board for an order approving the disposition of the balances in certain deferral and variance accounts, the continuation of the Pension and OPEB Cost Variance Account, and the adoption of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles of the United States of America (USGAAP) for regulatory purposes. A copy of the OEB’s Notice of Application and Hearing is available for viewing in English (PDF) and French (PDF).
Exhibit A - Administrative Documents
Exhibit H - Deferral and Variance Accounts
Exhibit I - Determination of Riders
Exhibit JT - Undertakings - Technical Conference
Exhibit L - Interrogatory Responses
Exhibit M - Settlement Agreement